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Bottlenose dolphins

Our Amazing Oceans

Have you ever wondered why the sea is blue, or whether dolphins sleep? Find out with these facts about our amazing oceans.

Tawny Mining Bee

Guide to Solitary Bees in Britain

Most people are familiar with honey bees and bumblebees, but look closely and there are smaller furry bees moving from flower to flower. Ryan Clark gives this concise guide to solitary bees...

Round-leaved Sundew

Fearsome Flora

You might have heard of the Venus fly-trap, but did you know there are thirteen species of plants native to the UK and
Ireland that eat animals?! These are split into three groups: sundews,…

Common hermit crab on maerl


Explore the wildlife-rich waters of Bembridge recommended Marine Conservation Zone, one of 41 special places at sea that need your help!