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Nature is good for business

Green-veined white on road verge wildflowers  ©Paul Hobson

8,000 people take part in wild work days
8,700 ha of land certified with Biodiversity Benchmark
81 % of Siemens employees feeling happier & healthier
4,000 ha of land managed for wildlife by Jordans farmers

Our world is in a state of emergency – you can be part of the solution

We know nature is good for us, yet huge numbers of people are cut off from its benefits. Similarly, our wild places are capable of absorbing huge amounts of carbon and other greenhouse gases, but the UK is one of the most nature-depleted places in the world.

If we act now to protect wild places and restore those that are damaged, we can start winning the fight against the climate and ecological emergency and bringing wildlife back into everybody’s lives. That is why we’re calling for 30% of the UK’s lands and seas to be protected and connected for nature’s recovery by 2030 and you can play a crucial role in helping us achieve this goal.

By working in partnership with us, your business can not only help nature’s recovery and tackle the climate emergency, but also benefit your employee wellbeing and customer engagement.

"We understand the value of investing in our employees’ wellbeing and working with The Wildlife Trusts has been the perfect way to do this while contributing to restoring our natural world."

Carl Ennis, CEO, Siemens UK

Donate to nature’s recovery

Contribute towards restoring 30% of the UK’s lands and seas by 2030 – your donation can support a huge array of projects – from creating new green spaces to better connecting people with wildlife - which will engage your employees and local community.

Leave a valued business legacy

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Take your team on a wild workday

Your employees can benefit from our organised activity days which not only support team building but have been proven to improve participants’ feelings of wellbeing

Employee away days near you

Invest in habitats to tackle climate change

Together we can restore habitats and landscapes across the UK to support wildlife, reduce carbon emissions and help our rivers.

Mitigate your environmental impact

Manage your land for wildlife

We provide land management advice to help your business create space for nature and can work with farmers and landowners in your supply chains towards better outcomes for you and for wildlife.

Improve your wildlife credentials

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Work with us

However you choose to work with us, your support will contribute towards a brighter future for people and the planet. You can read more about how some of our current partnerships are making a positive difference below.

What is a Strategic Charity Partnership?

The Wildlife Trusts believes that by establishing common cause with companies who share our concern for the environment we can achieve more for wildlife together than we would on our own.  We work with businesses in many ways – from charity partnerships through to providing consultancy advice – but at the heart of everything we do is our mission to improve habitats for wildlife and to support people’s access to nature.

The Wildlife Trusts work with businesses on the ground in local communities right across the UK.  Our partnerships range from working with farmers to better manage their land for nature, to advising housing developers to ensure wildlife considerations are at the centre of their plans through to engaging a company’s employees to better engage with nature and the wellbeing benefits that this brings.

A strategic charity partnership with us is based on shared responsibility and mutual benefit, building trusting relationships which last.  If this is the kind of partnership you’re looking for we’d love to hear from you.

Help us to restore 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030

Together we can save wildlife

Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hills Photography

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