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The Wildlife Trusts

We are a grassroots movement that believes we need nature and it needs us. More than 800,000 members and 40,000 volunteers work together with their Wildlife Trust to make their local area wilder and make nature part of life, for everyone.

Every Wildlife Trust is an independent charity.

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"The Wildlife Trusts play a very important part in protecting our natural heritage. I would encourage anyone who cares about wildlife to join them."
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Sir David Attenborough

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Annual Impact Report 2017-18

Annual Impact Report 2017-18

The Wildlife Trusts Impact Report 2017-18

What impact is The Wildlife Trusts movement having? This annual report gives an overview of our impact in the year 1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018, including key statistics, stories and highlights - from the area of land we manage and influence for wildlife, to measuring the impact of volunteering on peoples' mental health.

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Time is running out to save Wales’ Amazon rainforest

Save the Gwent Levels

Neil Aldridge

Why is nature in trouble?

56% of the UK's wildlife - our wild plants and animals - are in decline. Find out more:

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Culm grassland habitats divided by an A-road in north Devon - Stephen Powles

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives

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Children playing with snail (Emma Bradshaw)

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Where will your winter walk take you? Find a nature reserve.

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Nature matters to us in so many different ways. Read people's stories about nature and tell us yours....

My remedy

Elise, Peckham, South London

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Penny Dixie

My recovery

Simone, Stanley Moss, Durham

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My gym

Andy, Middledown Nature Reserve, Somerset

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Nature Recovery Network

Read our proposals for a Nature Recovery Network

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If you've visited our website before, you might notice it's changed. This summer most Wildlife Trusts will launch new websites alongside our new UK website (this one). Some areas of content and features will be introduced in the coming weeks. 

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