Adopt a tree or habitat

Adopt a tree or habitat

Male black grouse

©Margaret Holland

North Wales Wildlife Trust - An acre of Gors Maen Llwyd 

What you'll receive for £8: A photo gift card, sponsorship certificate, a fact sheet about the nature reserve and a wildlife themed gift.

Adopt a habitat with North Wales Wildlife Trust.

Holly leaves and berries, The Wildlife Trusts

©Philip Precey

Shropshire Wildlife Trust - A holly tree

What you'll receive for £20: A photo gift card, sponsorship certificate, and a fact sheet about the nature reserve.

Adopt a holly tree with Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Veteran oak tree in a field, The Wildlife Trusts

©Philip Precey

Somerset Wildlife Trust - An ancient tree

What you'll receive for £10: An information sheet, an ancient tree postcard, an adoption certificate, and two acorns for you to plant!

Adopt a tree with Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Wildflower meadow, Paul Hobson

©Paul Hobson

Somerset Wildlife Trust - A wildflower meadow

What you'll receive for £30: A gift card of your choice, an a sample of wildflower meadow seeds to sow, an information sheet about wild meadows, a postcard and an adoption certificate.

Adopt a wildflower meadow with Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Feckenham wylde moor, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

©Paul Meers

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust - Wetland

What you'll receive for £25:  A beautiful gift card which can be posted to you or delivered directly to your friend or relative.

Adopt a wetland with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.