Adopt a seal

Adopt a seal

Grey seal ©Chris Gomersall/2020VISION

Grey seal pup lying with eyes closed, the Wildlife Trusts

Grey seal pup ©Adam Cormack

Kent Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £28: A certificate, 4-page fact sheet, 2-page update sheet, photograph and a soft toy.

Adopt a grey seal with Kent Wildlife Trust.

A common seal with its head out of the water, The Wildlife Trusts

Common seal ©Alexander Mustard/2020VISION

Scottish Wildlife Trust 

What you'll receive for £30: A personalised adoption certificate, a beautiful wooden keyring featuring a seal, an exclusive papercraft model of a seal, an harbour seal fact file, a Go Wild activity book, a seal bookmark, two stunning seal postcards, details on how to sign up to receive exclusive email updates about seals.

Adopt a seal with the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Grey Seal

Grey Seal ©Alex Mustard/2020VISION

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

What you'll receive for £25: Welcome letter, adoption certificate, fact sheet, and a soft toy.

Adopt a seal with Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.