Where to see wildlife

Where to see wildlife in the UK

Ed Marshall

Wildlife experiences for every season

As winter wanes and spring starts to unfold, our exciting new seasonal guide offers a perfect opportunity to plan a ‘wild’ year ahead. For those who have ever wondered when and where to glory in the beauty of the rare swallowtail butterfly or to cheer at a salmon’s leap; or for those who want to spot an otter, osprey or orchid but don’t know how, The Wildlife Trusts’ seasonal guide to magical encounters with the wild offers answers to these and so much more.

Our amazing wildlife is increasingly under threat, but its not too late to save it! Join The Wildlife Trusts on our adventure to create a Wilder Future.

Year round wildlife

Not all wildlife is seasonal! There's plenty to choose from all year round. Why not pay some a visit at different times of the year and see how our wild places transform through the seasons. Let us recommend some of the best reserves The Wildlife Trusts have to offer, and you can explore whatever takes your fancy.