Adopt an insect

Adopt an insect

Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Small blue butterfly, the Wildlife Trusts

© Chris Lawrence

Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A photograph, two fact sheets, a welcome letter, adoption certificate, wildlife postcard, Go Wild events guide to local events.

Adopt a small blue butterfly with Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

Buff-tailed Bumblebee ©Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photograhpy

Scottish Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £30: A personalised adoption certificate, a beautiful wooden keyring featuring a bumblebee, an exclusive papercraft model of a garden bumblebee, a garden bumblebee fact file, a Go Wild activity book, a garden bumblebee bookmark, two stunning bumblebee postcards, details on how to sign up to receive exclusive email updates about bees.

Adopt a bumblebee with Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £15: Packed with a paper toy kit containing 12 pages of high quality 100% recycled, plastic free paper to make a ladybird, bee, dragonfly and rhinoceros beetle to cut out, create and keep, it also contains a species fact card, native wildflower seeds and an introduction to our Action for Insects campaign with lots of ideas for ways the recipient can help these iconic insects, this gift box is perfect for wildlife lovers young and old.

Bee-utiful Gift Box

Bilberry bumblebee queen on hawthorn flower

David Williams

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A gift certificate, a photograph and an illustrated factsheet, packed with interesting information.

Sponsor a bilberry bumblebee with Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

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