Adopt a dormouse

Adopt a dormouse

Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Seven dormice in a nesting box, The Wildlife Trusts

© Bev Lewis

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £25: Welcome letter, certificate, factfile, postcard, car sticker, stickers and extra fun things for youngsters, and you can choose between a Cheshire's Favourite Wildlife book, or a soft toy with hazelnut chocolate. All presented in an easy to wrap box.

Adopt a dormouse with Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Dormouse Danny Green/2020VISION

© Danny Green/2020VISION

Devon Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £23: A finger puppet, fact sheet, personalised certificate of adoption, and for children, a maze with colouring pencils.

Adopt a dormouse with Devon Wildlife Trust.

dormouse wildlife trust

© Amy Lewis

North Wales Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: The dormouse sponsorship pack contains a factsheet, a gift card with a photo kindly donated by wildlife photographer Graham Eaton and a dormouse print by Creature Candy.

Adopt a dormouse with North Wales Wildlife Trust.

Hazel dormouse in a nest box, The Wildlife Trusts

Hazel dormouse  ©Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A personalised gift certificate, a double-sided illustrated A4 fact sheet and a photograph of a dormouse.

Adopt a dormouse with Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Common dormouse curled up in grass and dead leaves, The Wildlife Trusts

© Tom Chalmers

Somerset Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A fun cardboard cut-out toy, an information sheet, a Dormouse postcard, and an adoption certificate.

Adopt a dormouse with Somerset Wildlife Trust.


© Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A beautiful gift card posted to you so that you can add a personal greeting, or delivered directly to your friend or relative.

Adopt a dormouse with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

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