Adopt a dolphin or shark

Adopt a dolphin or shark

White-beaked dolphin ©John Carnell

Bottlenose Dolphin John MacPherson/2020VISION

John MacPherson/2020VISION

Devon Wildlife Trust - Bottlenose dolphin

What you'll receive for £23: A welcome letter, a fluffy toy, a fact sheet about the species, and an adoption certificate. Children's packs include a fun activity book and colouring pencils in addition to the above.

Adopt a dolphin with Devon Wildlife Trust.

Ulster Wildlife

What you'll receive for £25: Species fact cards, Ulster Wildlife car/window sticker, a handmade felt Christmas decoration - your new friend to treasure!

Adopt a shark with Ulster Wildlife

Durham Wildlife Trust - Bottlenose dolphin

What you'll receive for £25: A personalised welcome letter, a two-page fact file, a personalised certificate and a beautiful dolphin cuddly toy.

Adopt a dolphin with Durham Wildlife Trust.

Risso's dolphin

Risso's dolphin ©Eleanor Stone

Manx Wildlife Trust - Risso's dolphin

What you'll receive for £30: A cuddly Risso’s dolphin toy, adoption certificate, a pamphlet filled with facts about Risso’s dolphins and where to see them around the Isle of Man, special facts about your chosen dolphin, and a twice-yearly update about your chosen dolphin.

Adopt a dolphin with Manx Wildlife Trust.

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Chris Gomersall/2020VISION