Adopt a badger

Adopt a badger

© Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Badger - Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £25: A certificate of adoption, the story of your badger in 3 parts over the year, a cuddly badger, a pin badge, and more...

Adopt a badger with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

European badger - Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

What you'll receive for £25: An adoption certificate, a soft toy badger, an enamel pin badge, updates on the vaccination program and more

Adopt a badger with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

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Bertie Gregory/2020VISION