From setting up a sponsored run to organising a special event like an afternoon tea party or bring and buy sale, you can help raise funds in aid of your local Wildlife Trust in all sorts of ways.

Otters (Lutra lutra) resting amongst the seaweed, Isle of Mull, Scotland, UK - Danny Green/2020VISION

Raise Money for Wildlife

Wildlife Trusts across the UK, Isle of Man and Alderney do all kinds of amazing work in their local areas. Projects to restore precious peatland, protect endangered species such as red squirrels, beavers and water voles, restore wildflower meadows and help local people get involved with their local wildlife are happening all year round. These wouldn’t be possible without generous supporters like you working hard to support your local Wildlife Trust!

Our fundraising promise

Here are some key things to think about to get you started:

  • What kind of activity or event you want to do, check out some of the fundraising ideas in this guide for inspiration
  • When you plan to do it - will it take place on one day or over a whole week? Make sure to pick a date well in advance so you can let everyone know about it!
  • Where it will take place
  • Who you will invite to watch, take part, or sponsor you
  • If your activity is outdoors, you’ll need to check the weather and decide whether it’ll affect your plans.

You can read more about how to promote your fundraiser, as well as how to make sure it's safe, in our fundraising guide!

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Mia and Project For Awesome

Mia holding a lamb

Mia has been a part of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s youth group, Keeping it Wild, for almost five years now. She has been involved with everything they do including community engagement events, local campaigning and a few trips further afield. 

Why Mia chose to fundraise in aid of The Wildlife Trusts 

I don’t think most people realise how much of their local green space is likely cared for and managed by their local Wildlife Trust. All of these places are available to walk around and experience for free, but they cost money to keep green and thriving. If you can raise anything at all for your local Trust, I’m sure it would mean the absolute world to them and would be greatly appreciated. It could end up funding new conservation equipment, a species protection scheme or even a youth programme like Keeping it Wild!

Read Mia's full story here

Sam's Big Wild Walk

Sam Hockaday on his Big Wild Walk

Sam Hockaday raised over £500 for the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust by taking part in the Big Wild Walk in 2020!

What made you want to take part in the Big Wild Walk?

Wildlife has always been a huge passion point of mine. Since I was younger, I have always immersed myself in nature. I have been aware of the impacts of climate change and pollution on our native species and I found this was a brilliant opportunity to not only get into nature but also gave us the ability to raise money for The Wildlife Trusts directly supporting our wildlife.

What challenge did you set yourself?

We decided that we had to go big in order to raise as much as we could for the trust. We challenged ourselves to walk 100km in a seven day period. That averaged at 14.3km per day for a week non-stop. We faced out challenges such as adverse weather and severe tiredness throughout the week but we soldiered through and managed to complete our mammoth challenge, raising over £500 for The Wildlife Trusts.

Would you recommend others to take on the challenge?

I would highly recommend that people take part in this challenge. It offers many things both to yourself and the natural world. It gives you the ability to explore the natural world while giving back to it.

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Fiona's 30 by 30 Trek

In May 2021, Fiona McKenna completed a sponsored walk, covering an amazing 147 miles in 12 days. Fiona raised over £2000 to help support Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's 30 by 30 work, a movement wide initiative that aims to restore 30% of lands and sea for nature's recovery by 2030. Fiona says: 

“Lincolnshire is home to really cool wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and incredible people who look after it all. During lockdown wildlife has been here for us when we needed it most, but now nature needs our help more than ever; we need more special places for both wildlife and people.

“That’s why I’m doing the walk to support my local Trust, which has always been a big part of my life. I’ve got precious early memories of getting up close and personal with nature at Whisby Nature Reserve, pond dipping and chasing insects at Snipe Dales on a school trip and then volunteering with them as an adult.” 

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