Adopt a hedgehog

Adopt a hedgehog

Tom Marshall

WildNet - Amy Lewis

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £25: welcome letter, certificate, information leaflet on how to attract and look after hedgehogs in your garden, template to create your own hedgehog highway through your fence and a cuddly hedgehog toy or book, all presented in a gift box.

Adopt a hedgehog with Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Hedgehog - Tom Marshall

© Tom Marshall

Devon Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £23: A soft toy, fascinating fact sheet, personalised adoption certificate, and colouring pencils and a maze for children.

Adopt a hedgehog with Devon Wildlife Trust.

Hedgehog being held in gloved hands in autumn leaves, The Wildlife Trusts

© Tom Marshall

Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £15: A gift pack including a certificate of sponsorship, photograph, two factsheets all about hedgehogs and their habitat, welcome letter and a wildlife postcard to keep or send to a friend.

Adopt a hedgehog with the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.


Hedgehog by Joshua Copping

Alderney Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A fun facts card, cuddly blonde hedgehog and your adoption card.

Adopt a hedgehog with Alderney Wildlife Trust.

Hedgehog in grass, the Wildlife Trust

© Gillian Day

The Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales

What you'll receive for £25: A certificate, welcome letter, factsheet, a soft toy, and a yearly report.

Adopt a hedgehog with The Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales.

Hedgehog house (c) Gillian Day

© Gillian Day

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £15: A digital adoption certificate and the first part of your animal's story.
Adopt an e-version hedgehog with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

What you’ll receive for £25: A welcome letter, hedgehog soft toy, part 1 of your hedgehog’s story, hedgehog pin badge, adoption certificate, hedgehog factsheet, poster, and window sticker. 
Adopt a printed hedgehog pack with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £29.99: A cuddly 18cm hedgehog plush toy, a gorgeous wooden hedgehog keyring, an ‘I love Hedgehogs’ double sided bookmark, an ‘All About Hedgehogs’ Booklet full of interesting facts and lots of lovely pictures and an adoption certificate

Adopt a hedgehog with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Durham wildlife trust hog

Durham Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £25: A personalised welcome letter, a two-page fact file, a certificate and a cuddly toy.

Adopt a hedgehog with Durham Wildlife Trust.

Ulster Wildlife

What you'll receive for £25: Species fact cards, Ulster Wildlife car/window sticker, a handmade felt Christmas decoration - your new friend to treasure!

Adopt a hedgehog with Ulster Wildlife.


© Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Surrey Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £25: An adoption certificate, cuddly toy, factsheet, photo, sticker

Adopt a hedgehog with Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Hedgehog on lawn

© Gillian Day

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £25: a certificate, fact sheet, soft toy and a wildlife gardening leaflet to help encourage wildlife in your garden.

Adopt a hedgehog with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. 


©Tom Marshall

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

What you'll receive for £20: A gift certificate, a photograph and an illustrated factsheet, packed with interesting information.

Sponsor a hedgehog with Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

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