30 Days Wild - Homeschooling

Homeschooling ideas for 30 Days Wild

Taking part in 30 Days Wild while homeschooling?

If you're homeschooling and taking part in 30 Days Wild, we've got plenty of activities to keep the little ones busy! 

Simply follow the links below to download your lesson plans. To download these sheets in Welsh, please click here.

Design a bird

Your child can flex their creative muscles with this activity!


Kingfisher ©Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Make a bird's nest!

Dexterity is key in this fiddly activity!


©Andy Rouse/2020VISION

My A-Z of nature

Help little ones learn the alphabet with this fun lesson


©Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Natural sounds map

This listening exercise will help children feel more connected to nature near them


Common Green Grasshopper ©northeastwildlife.co.uk

Race for a rainbow

It can get competitive with this fun colour-based game


© John Bridges

Study a minibeast

Get up close and personal and learn more about the little critters near you


Common Woodlouse ©northeastwildlife.co.uk

Hungry for more?

Never fear! We've got lots more activities and resources to help you and your children have a wild June. From colouring sheets, to wildlife gardening and craft activities - there's a lot to explore!

Wildlife Watch YouTube channel

Check out the Wildlife Watch YouTube channel for more activities, with new #WildlifeWednesday videos every Weds at 10am!