Crack the Crises

Crack the Crises

Nature Loss. Covid. Injustice. Climate Change.

Over the past year, people across the UK navigated rough waters against Covid and surged into action, showing up for each other when it counted. Now, ahead of two big global summits, it’s more important than ever to come together again, joining with people across the world to crack the crises of Covid, injustice, climate change and nature loss.

The Wildlife Trusts are part of a coalition of over 50 organisations – together representing over 10 million people from across the UK – working towards a better future for all.

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In 2021, the UK prepares to host two critical global summits: the G7, which is the first significant in-person gathering of leaders during the Covid pandemic, and COP26, which will be the largest gathering of world leaders the UK has ever seen.

The G7 must seize this moment to crack the crises of nature loss, Covid, injustice, and climate change. These issues are huge and connected – but they are not insurmountable. If we work together, we can make changes in our own lives and neighbourhoods, and influence our leaders to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the G7 summit, world leaders must seize this moment to act for a healthier, fairer and greener future and:

  •  Crack the Nature Crisis by setting strict targets in domestic and international law to halt the decline of nature by 2030, with effective protection for at least 30% of the land and seas to help ensure the targets are met and reduce our ecological footprint overseas through sustainable company supply chains.
  • Crack the Covid Crisis by sharing vaccine doses fairly and ensuring everyone everywhere has access to jabs, tests and treatments. Healthcare heroes should get the funding and equipment they need to ensure everyone has access to health services and we are protected from future pandemics.
  • Crack the Injustice Crisis by creating good, green jobs and levelling up at home and abroad. We should drop the debt, keep our aid promises and create new digital taxes. Funding is needed so that countries can resource urgent priorities such as girls’ education, unpaid care, ending violence against women and girls, preventing famine and malnutrition and investing in the local leadership of women, people of colour, disabled people and other marginalised communities.
  • Crack the Climate Crisis by spearheading a just and green global recovery based on delivering the promised $100bn per year and more to those hit hardest, as a critical step to global climate justice – protecting 1.5 degrees through clean energy, sustainable and equitable land and water use, ending fossil fuels and reducing land use emissions. 

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Organisations from across the UK, advocating for a better future for people and planet, have come together. We want to bring people together to tackle these crises by taking individual actions, by supporting others, and by asking decision-makers to act.

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