Say No to Peat


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Say No to Peat Compost

A step towards the end of peat sales

At last! By 2024 more peat will be in bogs not bags! 

The UK Government has announced that there will be a TOTAL BAN on the sale of bagged peat compost.  We’ve been fighting for this since the 1990s and recognise it is an important first step in the protection of our precious peatlands. 

Your voices have made a difference! In addition to our wonderful supporters (over 63,000 of you!) 95% of the 5,000 respondents, to the UK Government’s consultation, also supported a full retail ban. This included retailers, growers, extractors and manufacturers. 

As leaders in peatland restoration, The Wildlife Trusts will still be calling upon the UK Government to:  

  • End importing peat, which transfers emissions and damage to nature to other countries 
  • End the extraction of peat from peatlands in England 
  • Ban the sales of peat and peat containing products in professional markets – voluntary measures were simply not enough 
  • Restore all bogs damaged by the removal of peat by 2035  

We still stand firm in our belief that peat belongs in bogs not bags.  

There is still work to do and your support is crucial. Here are some actions you can take to show that you love peatlands!  

  1. Sign our peat-free pledge  
  2. Start making your own compost 
  3. Ask your local garden centre to stock peat-free compost and plug plants NOW! 


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Why we need our peatlands

Our UK peatlands store an amazing 3.2 billion tonnes of carbon

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Peatlands are vital wildlife habitats and it’s absolutely crucial that they remain intact to help us tackle climate change. The Government can ensure that these important carbon stores function as nature intended by banning peat sales now.
Craig Bennett
Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts