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Bring people closer to nature

Matthew Roberts

How are the Wildlife Trusts bringing people closer to nature?

Our vision is of people close to nature, with land and seas rich in wildlife. We want to ensure that every person has the opportunity to experience wildlife in their daily lives. Many Wildlife Trusts were founded with a strong focus on education and people are at the heart of our work. 

Here we provide an overview of the principal ways that Wildlife Trusts achieve this:

Providing access to nature – most people live within a few miles of one of our 2,300 nature reserves. And our work with partners and local communities means that we’re helping to create more wildlife and more wildlife places.
Nature and wellbeing – the work we do helps people to feel happier and healthier. Research with Wildlife Trust volunteers showed that 95% of participants with low wellbeing at the start of a volunteering programme reported an improvement in 6 weeks.
Volunteering – around 40,000 active volunteers help their Wildlife Trust. Whether you want to help with practical work in our woods and meadows, inspire children in the classroom or help out in our offices there’s a role for you.
Education and learning – we are one of the UK's leading providers of outdoor learning and education for all ages. We reach around half a million children each year.
Events – each year we run around 10,000 wildlife events, from city nature festivals to walks and talks in our woods and meadows. Find an event near you.
Training - we provide training opportunities for young people and adults, using a variety of courses and volunteering placements. 

From working with school children, to offering hands on experiences to community groups, we inspire and empower people of all ages to take action in their lives to help wildlife.  Discover more about our work, and how you can get involved, by following the journey below.
We work to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals and communities... 

Wildlife Trust volunteers can carry out a huge range of tasks but it doesn't have to be outdoors!