Save our seas

Save our seas

Basking shark ©Alexander Mustard/2020VISION

Did you know that over half of our British wildlife lives in the sea around us? The seas around the UK have the potential to be among the most productive and wildlife-rich on Earth. Hidden beneath the surface are landscapes every bit as varied and beautiful as those we see on land, with undersea cliffs, caves, chasms, mountains, dunes and plains. Colourful reefs, meadows of seagrass and other extraordinary habitats are home to many thousands of plants and animals, from tiny corals to the massive basking shark (the world’s second largest fish!).

Gorgonian Coral

Linda Pitkin/2020VISION

The seas help us more than we know; they are also our life support system. They absorb vast quantities of harmful greenhouse gases, while releasing oxygen for us to breathe. They regulate the climate, and good bacteria in the sea help govern clouds and rainfall. Our coasts and seas play a central role in our nation’s history, identity, wealth and happiness.