Help Save our Seas

Help Save our Seas

Discover what you can do to help protect our incredible sea life

Were you inspired by the drama of Blue Planet II? The amazing footage revealed the incredible story of life beneath the waves, following sea creatures around the world as they battled for survival. Some scenes were hard to watch, but the good news is there’s something simple you can do to help protect the wildlife in our seas.

With just a few clicks you can become a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones and help shape the future of our seas! It’s a chance for you to make your voice heard, to raise your hand and tell the UK Government that you care about our seas and think they are worth protecting. We’ve been calling for better protection for years, but we need your help to get it – in fact, we couldn’t do it without you!

In 2011, our Petition Fish campaign called for a network of protected areas around the UK; safe spaces, where marine life and habitats are free from the damaging activities of fishing and development. Almost 250,000 people took up the cry, many showing their support by signing scales to stick on model fish. Thanks to the support of these ocean heroes, the Government began to listen. They took the first steps towards creating the network our seas so desperately need.

Petition Fish Joan Edwards and Andrew George MP (c) Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor Photography

Since then, 50 new Marine Conservation Zones have been created, but the network is still not complete. This year, the Government will put forward another selection of Marine Conservation Zones for public consultation. We’ll be working hard to make sure they offer the protection our seas deserve, and we need your help to succeed. By joining our campaign and becoming a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones, you will ensure that you’re ready to help us make a difference when the time for action arrives. A single voice can create a ripple, but thousands of voices make a wave.

In the meantime, you’ll receive regular email updates, keeping you informed of the latest developments, as well as interesting marine news, the most recent exciting sightings from around the UK, and plenty of other ideas and inspiration on how you can help the seas recover.

Visit our Friends of Marine Conservation Zones page today and show your support for our amazing sea life.