Change your perspective

Change your perspective

Nick Upton/2020VISION

Make your 30 days really wild and snap a photo everyday for a month. Pick your favourite spot, it might be in your garden or a part of your morning commute. You’ll be amazed at how much changes in one month!  Just see how fast things grow after a good downpour, or how plants behave to conserve water when there is a drought. Don’t forget to see what insects are around.

7-spot Ladybird

7-spot Ladybird ©Rachel Scopes

The weather can change how plants behave, so keep a weather diary with your pics so you can see how the plants react.

Create a photoblog for the whole of June to showcase your skills and wild days. Make sure you keep us updated on your blog by posting on Facebook or tweeting us @30DaysWild, using #30DaysWild