Managing land for wildlife

Managing land for wildlife

Roadside wildflowers ©Paul Hobson

Every space in Britain must be used to help wildlife
Sir David Attenborough

Nature reserves are fantastic refuges for many plants and animals, but for wildlife to truly recover and thrive, every space must be used to help nature. From urban parks to rural farms, roadsides to golf courses, we can manage our land to make it more wildlife-friendly, creating a network of green spaces that gives wildlife the freedom to move around.

We've created some basic guides to managing certain types of land to maximise their value for wildlife, including how to turn a hedgerow into a haven for farmland birds, or how to bring road verges to life with colourful, pollinator-friendly plants. These guides offer a basic overview to get you started, with further links to learn more about specific management techniques. Your local Wildlife Trust may be able offer advice or ecological services tailored to your region.

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