Thank You

After years of campaigning, The Wildlife Trusts and friends have encouraged Westminster Government to agree to publish an Environment Act for England. We know we can give wildlife what it needs if we act now, but to succeed all politicians need to understand both the threat to our natural world and the opportunity for recovery – and believe that it is important. This is why you making an appointment with your local MP is so vital to achieving the next steps in this new law. By demonstrating your passion for a wilder future and helping to push for the reconnected natural world we need for people and wildlife to thrive, we will stand a better chance of really making history together. 

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, The Wildlife Trusts and our friends are working with the devolved governments to make sure the right action is taken across the United Kingdom, so that together we can put nature into recovery.

You can use the social media links below to share our campaign and encourage your friends and family to get involved too:

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