Tune in by switching off

Tune in by switching off

Katrina Martin / 2020VISION

Rewild your family by banning all electronic items from being switched on for a day – TVs, tablets, phones and computers are all out! Tune in to nature instead!

To the seasoned parent, this can seem impossible! But with a little planning it actually works! Start by getting outside and go for a walk.  Bring a packed lunch with you and picnic under a tree. You can burn up to 100 calories in an hour on a brisk walk, but don’t forget to look around you and enjoy what you see and hear.  Start a family I-Spy game, or Plant, Animal, Mineral based on your surroundings. Finish off the day by eating dinner in the garden, and play board or card games whist the day is still hot.


Family outdoors in bluebells

Tom Marshall