Look for minibeasts

Look for minibeasts

Chris Gomersall/2020VISION

Be an entomologist for the day! Get out with a net and magnifier pot and sweep through the long grass and hedgerows.

Homemade sweep nets are great for swishing through grass and catching small insects, although not really suitable for butterflies or moths. Insect sweep nets can be bought of course but they can be expensive, so this method is definitely cheaper and great to practice with.

Make a sweep net

To make a sweep net you just need a coat hanger, a bamboo cane (no more than 1m long) and a wide carrier bag or old pillow case – white or pale is best so that you can see what you catch.

Pull out the coat hanger to make a circle but don’t untwist or cut it. Straighten out the hook and slot it into the bamboo cane and secure with some tape. Attach the carrier bag or pillow case to the coat hanger using strong tape and there you go.

Why not have a go at making a pooter? That way you can really see what you’ve got.

Sweep net (c) Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts