Go wild at work

Go wild at work

Rob Jordan/2020VISION

Wild-up your workplace and bring nature with you to work.

If you’ve got open ground near your office, encourage your colleagues to create a wild space. A bland patch of lawn or paving could be transformed into beautiful plot to sit in or become a focus to grow herbs,  including hyssop, sage, lavender and rosemary (all of which bees love!). Buy some wild flower plugs to plant in the grass; short growing plants which the bees love include selfheal, cowslips, white clover, birds foot trefoil.


©Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

If you’re in an office off the ground, bird feeders will do just as nicely! Hang them out your window, or get a small table that will stick to the window and give you a close up look at the birds you attract.