Go slow with a snail

Go slow with a snail

Nick Upton/2020VISION

Take life out of the fast lane and get up close to a garden snail… watch it move its head & tentacles towards you as it senses you in its ‘space’. There are about 90 species of land based snails as well as water snails so if you want to get spotting there are plenty to see.

Brown-lipped Snail

Brown-lipped Snail ©Philip Precey

They are fascinating creatures and have a homing instinct so throwing them over the garden wall won’t help you much if you want to keep your garden snail free! The best way to stop them slowly digesting all your plants is to encourage more wildlife into your garden. This may seem like a fallacy, but the more wildlife and bugs that are in your garden, the more of their predators you will get. Hedgehogs love snails and slugs, so inviting them into your garden will help your plants!