Employee away days and wellbeing days

Employee away days and wellbeing days

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Supporting employees, nature and local communities

The Wildlife Trusts’ offer a unique nature-based proposition for business away days, team building, supporting employee wellbeing and for fulfilling CSR commitments.

"We understand the value of investing in our employees’ wellbeing and working with The Wildlife Trusts has been the perfect way to do this while contributing to restoring our natural world."

Carl Ennis, CEO, Siemens UK
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Our ‘Wild Work Days’, provide a fun, outdoors team-building opportunity combined with the reward of contributing to the conservation of nature. Each year, hundreds of employees spend time with their local Wildlife Trusts outside undertaking a range of physical activities to help wildlife while at the same time connecting with their team-mates. If a day of activity, mud, sweat and giving back to your community is of interest for your company and team then get in touch with your local Wildlife Trust to find out which local nature reserves these can be arranged at.  To organise Wild Work Days across multiple local Trusts please email us with some details, such as your office locations and number of employees at wellbeing@wildlifetrusts.org

The Wildlife Trusts are also well placed to support employees’ wellbeing through our team Wild Wellbeing Days. Work and life pressures can seriously impact on employees’ health and wellbeing which is of increasing concern and cost to businesses. Research shows that spending time in nature helps our sense of wellbeing. The Wildlife Trusts’ have been working with business partners to design its Wild Wellbeing Days which teach the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ in a nature-rich outdoor setting.

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