Balance rocks on the beach

Balance rocks on the beach

Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Rock balancing is taking the art world by storm.

Amazing artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Bill Dan and Dave Gorman have taken nature art to the next level. You can have a go yourself, but you’ll need patience… A lot of patience!

There are four types of balancing to have a go at:

Pure balance – each rock in near-point balance. This is where each rock balances independant of any others.

Counterbalance – lower rocks depend on the weight of upper rocks to maintain balance. This leads to a wonky tower that doesn’t look like it should be standing!

Balanced stacking – rocks lain flat upon each other to great height. This looks really good, like a big cone, but you have to hunt for flat rocks of different sizes.

Free style – mixture of the two above. Go wild and balance what you can.

Take a look at rock balancing artist, Adrian Gray’s work and be amazed!