Jordans Cereals

Jordans Cereals

Graham Birch, a Jordans grower (Matthew Roberts)

Working with Jordans farmers to make space for wildlife

Our partnership with Jordans Cereals uses our local expertise to inspire, empower and enable the farmers who grow their cereals to farm in harmony with nature.

Farmers look after over 70% of the UK’s land area and are key to natures recovery. The 40+ farms which grow cereals for Jordans look after 14,000ha. Every farmer has worked with experts from their local Wildlife Trust to meet an industry leading standard, developed in partnership between The Wildlife Trusts and Jordans.

Overall, a quarter of the land area of the farms, nearly 4,000ha, is managed for wildlife. Well manged field margins, woodland, waterways and hedgerows all enable wildlife to thrive and to move through the landscape.

Look out for The Wildlife Trusts logo on packs of Jordans.