7 Days of Wild Christmas!!

7 Days of Wild Christmas!!

David Tipling/2020VISION

A midwinter nature challenge

7 Days of Wild Christmas is a week-long challenge to do one wild thing a day from the 25th to the 31st of December. 

There are lots of things you can do to get outside and connect with nature, and help nature, even in the depths of winter (and, for those who need it, it's the perfect excuse to escape your in-laws for a bit!)

How to join in

It's easy!

Just do one wild thing every day from 25-31 December.

These could be little things to help nature - like using eco-friendly detergent for your Christmas washing up or recycling your Christmas tree - or ways to connect with nature in the winter like walking off your Christmas dinner in the woods, feeding the birds in your garden, admiring the beauty of a winter sunset or spotting last year’s bird nests in the bare branches of trees. 

Share your winter Random Acts of Wildness using #7DaysofWildChristmas

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Go on a winter walk

Wrap up warm and blow away those cobwebs.

Where to go

Zsuzsanna Bird

Make a Christmas wreath for birds

Give your garden birds a treat with an edible Christmas wreath.

Get started

Spot a starling murmuration

During the winter months, large numbers of starlings visit Britain from the continent.

Where to go

© Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Investigate animal tracks

Wildlife can sometimes be hard to spot in winter but the signs that animals frequent an area can be a good start to discovering all kinds of species.

What to look out for

Danny Green 

Photograph the frost

Meadow buttercup by Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Investigate an ivy bush

Who is living inside?

Philip Precey

Watch wildlife out your window

Ben Hall/2020VISION

Find a feather

Draw it, photograph it or try and work out who it has come from!

Feather from Mute Swan Cygnus by David Tipling/2020VISION

Watch a sunrise or sunset

It might be cold and dark but the sunrises and sunsets at this time of year couldn't be more spectacular

Sunrise over the River Itchen near Ovington, Hampshire by Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Start a nature table

Download our free nature table template and show off the things you can find on a wild winter adventure!


Pine cone © Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Feed the birds

Food is scarce over the colder months. Supplement naturally available food with bird food, and watch them flock!

What to feed them

© Vinehouse Farm

Tune in by switching off

Rewild your family by banning all electronic items from being switched on for a day – TVs, tablets, phones and computers are all out! Tune in to nature instead! Start by getting outside. Go for a walk with a pair of binoculars instead!

Zsuzsanna Bird