Tickle your toes

Tickle your toes

Matthew Roberts

Off with the shoes and socks and dive feet-first into nature. On your lunch break, at the beach, in the park: it doesn’t matter where, you can get wild.

Our feet are super sensitive. You might not think it, walking around all day, but protected by shoes and socks, the skin on the soles of our feet is soft and full of nerve endings. That ‘aah’ moment you get when you take off your socks at the end of the day proves it!

How many wild landscapes can you feel through the soles of your feet in a few minutes? Or squidge those toes between oozing mud for a free pedicure.

But be honest, do you need an excuse to dip your toes into a cool stream, or to feel the tickle of grass brushing your sole? Get stuck in! What better way to re-connect with nature than to get a little bit wild.