The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Paul Pettitt

Celebrate a Decade of British Wildlife

The British Wildlife Photography Awards proudly announce the winners for 2019. The awards celebrate the work of amateur and professional photographers and the beauty and diversity of British wildlife.

The winning images were chosen from thousands of entries, including two junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

To mark its tenth anniversary and help raise awareness about our coast; its incredible biodiversity and the threats it is facing, BWPA expanded the Coast and Marine category to include Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland & the Coast of Ireland.

The Overall Winning image: 
Behind Bars (Grey heron), London, Daniel Trim

Grey herons thrive around London’s wilder waterways, but they also do well in more urban settings such as the smaller parks and canals. This individual was hunting in the cover of a bridge. The morning light shining through a grill gives the impression that the bird is trapped as it gazes out through the mesh.


Overall winner of the awards and Urban Category by Daniel Trim

Ben Cook, from The Wildlife Trusts which sponsors the Urban Wildlife category said:

“These captivating photographs offer a vivid glimpse of stunning wildlife and wild places.  From a sleek seal patrolling turquoise waters, to pigeons soaring in the watery sunlight of a misty dawn, these images highlight the beauty and diversity of the natural world around us.

“Overall Winner – Daniel Trim’s solitary heron standing in urban rubbish – serves as a stark reminder of the threats that wildlife has to contend with, and what we risk losing unless we stand together and work for nature’s recovery.”

Conservationist, and award-winning writer Mark Carwardine said:

 “Who needs penguins or polar bears when we have puffins and badgers?

With so many photographers scouring the globe for exotic megafauna, it’s easy to forget how much wildlife we have in our own small and densely populated backyard. A red fox running across a field, a blue tit on the bird table, or a red kite over the motorway. We are very fortunate in having an outstanding biodiversity in this country – so it’s not surprising that British Wildlife Photography Awards has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the wildlife photography calendar.

We are surrounded by seas teeming with an astonishing abundance and diversity of marine wildlife. We provide a home for about eight million breeding seabirds, and everything from otters to basking sharks and white-tailed eagles. Indeed, there are estimated to be 15,000 marine species living in UK seas altogether.

But we do a shockingly bad job of looking after them. We take out far too many fish and shellfish, often catching them in destructive ways that have devastating impacts on other wildlife, and we use the seas as a dumping ground for an insidious tide of plastic waste and all sorts of other pollution.”

The best entries for this year’s competition are showcased in a sumptuous book, British Wildlife Photography Awards 10, which Mark Carwardine hopes will encourage people to enter next year, he says:

 “Most of all, I hope it will inspire you to get involved, to take an active part in protecting our precious wildlife. It really does need all the help it can get.”

The Category Winners


Mark Kirkland

Peering Through the Darkness (Small-spotted catshark), Loch Fyne, Argyll and Bute, Mark Kirkland


Robin Chittenden

Common Swift Skimming The Water (Common Swift), Norwich, Norfolk, Robin Chittenden


Alan Smith

Garden Spider (Garden spider), my back garden, Reading, Berkshire, Alan Smith


Alex Mustard

COAST AND MARINE: Overall Coast & Marine Category Winner
Seal in Seaweed Garden (Grey seal), Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides, Argyll and Bute, Alex Mustard


Paul Pettitt

Coast and Marine England Category Winner:
Stalked Jellyfish and Rissoa Snail, Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, Paul Pettitt


Trevor Rees

Coast and Marine Northern Ireland and Coast of Ireland Category Winner:
Mauve Stinger, Malin Beg, Donegal, County Donegal, Ireland, Trevor Rees


Mark Thomas

Coast and Marine Wales Category Winner:
Plaice Face (Plaice), Criccieth Beach, Gwynedd, Mark Thomas

Wild woods

Dave Fieldhouse

Welcome to Narnia (European larch), The Roaches, Upper Hulme, Staffordshire, Dave Fieldhouse

rock doves

Rich Bunce

Brighter Skies on the Horizon (Rock dove or feral pigeon), Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire, Rich Bunce


Jack Mortimer

Amongst Emerald Depths (Bluebell; Mare’s Tail), Worton Woods, Oxfordshire, Jack Mortimer

marbled white

Nicholas Court

Marbled White In Grass (Marbled White), Darley Bridge, Derbyshire, Nicholas Court

blue tit

Paul Sawer

Seasonal Blue Tit (Blue Tit), Rendham, Suffolk, Paul Sawer


Lawrie Brailey

Britain’s Most Loved Mammal (European Hedgehog), Various Locations, Cornwall, Lawrie Brailey


Lawrie Brailey

Britain’s Most Loved Mammal (European Hedgehog), Various Locations, Cornwall, Lawrie Brailey


Jacob Guy

Spiny Starfish, Falmouth, Cornwall, Jacob Guy (Age 18)


Ollie Teasdale

In the Spotlight (Razorbill), Skokholm Island, Pembrokeshire, Ollie Teasdale (Age 10)


View all the winning Images, including the video winner and a selection of highly commended entries here:

You can see these amazing photographs in London and then on tour (check opening times with venues).