Lesser stitchwort

Lesser stichwort

Leif Bersweden

Lesser stitchwort

Scientific name: Stellaria graminea
Look for the pretty, star-shaped, white flowers of Lesser stitchwort in woodlands and meadows, and along hedgerows and roadside verges in spring. Its flowers are smaller than those of Greater stitchwort.

Species information


Height: 20-40cm

Conservation status


When to see

May to September


Lesser stitchwort is a creeping perennial that forms low clumps among the grasses on neutral and acid soils. It can be found in open woodland, on meadows and heathland, and along hedgerows and roadsides. From May to September, it bears small, white flowers.

How to identify

Lesser stitchwort has five white petals, each deeply notched and almost divided into two; they alternate with long, green sepals. Its grass-like leaves are unstalked and narrow. The similar Greater stitchwort has larger flowers (2-3cm across) than Lesser stitchwort (0.5-1cm across).



Did you know?

The flower of lesser stitchwort is only open for three days, but new ones are produced throughout the summer, until the beginning of September.

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