Gem (or wartlet) anemone

Gem anemone

Gem anemone

Gem (or wartlet) anemone

Scientific name: Aulactinia verrucosa
Not to be confused with the ‘jewel anemone’ which resides in deeper waters, the gem anemone is just as wonderful a find on the rocky shore!

Species information


Up to 5cm across.

Conservation status


When to see

April - October.


One of the smaller and less common anemones to find if you are rockpooling. The gem anemone can appear as two different species when the tentacles are exposed or retracted!

How to identify

Around 48 tentacles, deep blue with white blotches, with green around the mouth. When tentacles are retracted, the column is usually an off white/pink, covered in tiny warts.


Southern species reaching its northern limit in the British Isles, where it is most common on south and west shores.

Did you know?

Young gem anemones are brooded within the parent and then ‘spat out’ when ready to grow on their own!

How people can help

Always follow the Seashore Code when rockpooling - anemones should always be left stuck to the rocks, so please do not attempt to remove them as you can damage them.