Spiked shieldbug

Spiked Shield Bug

Spiked Shield Bug ©Philip Precey

Spiked shieldbug

Scientific name: Picromerus bidens
The spiked shieldbug has fearsome shoulder projections or 'spikes' and a predatory nature. This brown bug feeds on caterpillars and other insects in woodlands and on heathlands.

Species information


Length: 1.2-1.3cm

Conservation status


When to see

April to November


The spiked shieldbug is a very impressive animal with a formidable pair of sharp spines on its shoulders. It is found at woodland edges and on heathland. It is mainly predatory, feeding on other insects, including caterpillars. The adults lay their eggs, which overwinter and hatch in spring; the nymphs moult into adult form in July and August.

How to identify

The spiked shieldbug is one of three brown shieldbugs with shoulder 'spikes'. It is best identified by its bright red legs and antennae, as well as its very pointed shoulder spikes.


Mainly found in England and Wales, but spreading north.

Did you know?

Although they are mainly predatory, adult spiked shieldbugs will also suck the sap from plants like other shieldbugs.

How people can help

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