Vine House Farm bird seed

Vine House Farm

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Twice as good for wildlife

Everyone should be able to experience the joy of wildlife in their every day lives. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to encourage wildlife close to home.

Our enduring partnership with Vine House Farm has inspired and enabled people to look after the wildlife in their garden for over ten years. Feeding Vine House Farm bird seed, home grown on their wildlife friendly farm in Lincolnshire has enabled tens of thousands of people to experience the joy of wildlife in their gardens.

Every purchase raises money for their local Wildlife Trust too. In ten years our partnership has raised over £1.25m, an unprecedented level of support for a charity from a small family business which enables us to help many more people experience the joy of wildlife.

So its twice as good for wildlife.

So why not do a bit of shopping for your feathered friends?

John Bridges