Save the Gwent Levels

Save the Gwent Levels

Neil Aldridge

Time is running out to save Wales' Amazon rainforest

The Welsh Government wants to bulldoze through the Gwent Levels - the Wales' equivalent of the Amazon rainforest for their diversity of wildlife - to build a new 14-mile long six-lane motorway. Gwent Wildlife Trust urgently needs your help to stop their destruction.

Why we need to save the Gwent Levels

This swathe of coastal wetland borders the Severn Estuary and is vital for nature, with areas protected both nationally and internationally. All will be either ruined or badly damaged if the new motorway gets the go-ahead.

The 900 miles of Gwent Levels waterways, known locally as ‘reens’, are a soup of life - home to hundreds of rare creatures. Numerous rare birds live and migrate there to breed, including European cranes which have recently returned to breed on the proposed route of the motorway, after an absence of 300 years. More than 144 species of threatened bugs and beetles, like the King Diving Beetle, are also amongst those that have made their home here.

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Water vole on Gwent Levels

Neil Aldridge

The area is not only precious for its vast and varied array of wildlife, it is also a peaceful and irreplaceable place for people of all ages to visit and enjoy. People have lived and worked on the Levels for hundreds of years and, today, thousands of others visit the area to immerse themselves in this natural landscape of outstanding historic interest.

Every year, thousands of schoolchildren come to the Levels to see and learn about wildlife at Gwent Wildlife Trust’s Magor Marsh nature reserve - parts of which would be destroyed by the proposed new M4 motorway, if it is approved. 

Green spaces everywhere, such as the Gwent Levels are being chipped away and wildlife is diminishing. This erosion of nature will backfire on us all, because getting out into the great outdoors and being immersed in the natural world is scientifically proven to improve people’s health and well-being. 

How you can help

We believe the Welsh Government should be enhancing protection of, and access to, green spaces and nature - and not concreting over one of Gwent’s and Wales’ glorious, green gems.

Help us ask the Welsh Government to drop their plans to build a motorway over the Gwent Levels, by writing to First Minister for Wales, Mark Drakeford. We are expecting the Welsh Government to make a decision soon, so time is running out!

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