Paddle in rockpools

Paddle in rockpools

Bloody Henry starfish ©Polly Whyte/Earth in Focus

They may look calm and gentle on the surface, but rockpools are deadly below the surface (if you’re a shrimp!)

When the waves have retreated and the tide is low, rockpools become mini oceans!  Shrimp can be found bobbing in the pools and crabs skulk under clumps of seaweed.  Starfish cling to the rock face and kelp forests waft in the water, providing cover for snails and small fish.  Molluscs, barnacles and anemones sit on the pool floor, and even larger creatures like lobster can be seen if you’re lucky.


When you’re at the beach, use a bucket and your hands to gently explore beautiful areas of the British coastline: from crabs to fish, starfish to anemones, you never know what you might discover. Always try to look with your eyes and never take things home with you – these little creatures need a specialist habitat to survive in!