New ambassadors flock to support The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts welcome new ambassadors!

Award-winning actor Alison Steadman, Bradford-based GP and TV presenter Dr Amir Khan presenter and filmmaker Hannah Stitfall, science communicator Sophie Pavelle and Iceland managing director Richard Walker are taking up the new role of Ambassadors for The Wildlife Trusts.  The nature enthusiasts will use their voices, influence and audiences to help The Wildlife Trusts amplify its important message about the urgent need for nature recovery in the UK.

Meet our new ambassadors

Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman © Clearwater Photography

Alison Steadman

National treasure and Olivier Award winning actor Alison Steadman has loved nature ever since she was a child, enjoying all that her small Liverpool back garden had to offer. Now living in London, Alison is a long-time supporter of London Wildlife Trust, where she also became an ambassador in 2016. Alison not only has fantastic film and TV credits under her belt, but she has presented some wonderful nature documentaries – highlighting her passion for the wild. 

Alison Steadman says: “I’m extremely proud of all the work the Wildlife Trusts do with the local communities in which they work, but have come to see that collectively, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their work is important, from big picture landscape restoration, to encouraging and supporting people like you and I to do our bit for wildlife, whether it’s in our garden, or campaigning on issues close to our heart."

Dr Amir Khan

Dr Amir Khan

There is no escaping Dr Amir Khan’s enthusiasm. He became a firm favourite with the public following his appearance on Channel 5’s GPs Behind Closed Doors and he has gone on to cement himself as daytime TV’s go-to GP. His passion for the natural world is infectious and he has been an advocate for green prescribing for a number of years, knowing the benefit the natural world has for people, in particular for their mental health and wellbeing. 

Dr Amir Khan says: “The natural world has something for everyone. And it has an incredible effect on us all. We’ve seen from studies that exposure to green spaces, from vast, undeveloped landscapes to urban parks and street greenery, lowers the body’s stress hormone cortisol. We know that children and young people who have access are more creative and imaginative. It has been a pleasure working with The Wildlife Trusts and I'm so proud to be able to give something back by becoming an ambassador. They have been pioneers in championing the use of nature for health and wellbeing, from nature friendly schools to the annual nature challenge 30 Days Wild. There really is something for everyone with The Wildlife Trusts!”

Twitter: @DrAmirKhanGP

Hannah Stitfall

Hannah Stitfall

Presenter, filmmaker and conservationist Hannah is known to thousands through her inspirational social channel and her work with BBC Earth. She is the host of BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch digital content, which features interactive and engaging live discussions. As a skilled filmmaker, Hannah has travelled across the globe to highlight the plight of illegal trading and trafficking of wildlife. When back in the UK, Hannah is constantly exploring and showcasing the beauties of the natural world.

Hannah said: “I believe in a future for our wild spaces and the species that call them home. A future filled with wild meadows and orange-tip butterflies with chiffchaffs singing in spring. A future filled with dark-edged bee flies, badgers, barn owls and much more. It is an absolute honour and privilege for me to become an ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts. I know that together we will be able to champion British wildlife and our magnificent wild spaces, through lobbying, campaigning and fundraising.”

Twitter @HStitfall
Instagram: @HannahStitfall

Sophie Pavelle

Sophie Pavelle

Adventurer and science communicator Sophie shares her passion for wildlife and nature with thousands of fans through her incredible social media profile. Sharing the quirkier stories from the natural world in Sophie’s unique and engaging communication style, she has spoken at a number of Wildlife Trust events. Alongside Hannah Stitfall, Sophie completed a 300-mile trek, ‘Hike for Nature’ raising funds for their local trusts and they have plans to arrange another, equally demanding challenge next year.

Sophie said: “I’ve worked with a number of Wildlife Trusts to engage young people across the country and empower them to campaign and to champion wildlife. Whilst supporting the Trusts, I’ve been able to see first-hand some of the incredible work that they’re doing with our wild spaces and to protect our wildlife. I’ve seen where people’s donations go and the incredible work they support – knowing just how vital these donations are, spurred Hannah and I on when we did our Hike for Nature last year raising funds to support Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Devon Wildlife Trust.”

Twitter @SPavelle 
Instagram: @SophiePavs

Richard Walker

The natural world needs allies from all sectors and Richard has been championing nature and the environment both personally and professionally for many years now. Richard knows the Wildlife Trusts well and is the Patron of Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

“I’m very passionate about protecting the natural world. My family and I spend as much time outdoors as we can, we’re lucky to have the countryside so easily accessible for us. I’m very proud to be an ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts, the work that they do across the UK is awe-inspiring. It’s amazing that two-thirds of the population are within walking distance of a Wildlife Trust reserve, but often we don’t realise it. The innovative ways they get people to engage with the nature they have around them is incredible, I can’t wait to support more of this in the coming years.”

Twitter @IcelandRichard

Instagram @RichardIceland