HS2 – 66,000 sign letter to the PM asking to stop and rethink

Today we went to Downing Street with a letter asking the Prime Minister to stop and rethink HS2 – signed by over 66,000 people.

Over 13,000 of these fantastic supporters also left personal comments to the Prime Minister  explaining why this campaign to stop HS2 destroying or harming hundreds of precious wild places means so much to them. The letter was written following the publication of The Wildlife Trusts’ report "What's the damage? Why HS2 will cost nature too much".

Our letter to the Prime Minister


Dear Prime Minister: Stop and Rethink HS2

I write to bring to your attention a new report from The Wildlife Trusts which shows that the risks to nature from HS2 are escalating. The report shows that HS2 may even lead to local species extinctions across the route. Because you have often spoken of your concerns for the climate and our wildlife, I know you will be as shocked as I am to learn this - and will want to stop it from happening.

In its current form, the deep cut HS2 will make across the length of England could stop the plan for nature’s recovery in its tracks, undermining your manifesto commitment to develop the most ambitious environmental programme on earth. If the proposals to mitigate the damage don’t change dramatically, the scar will never heal - and our efforts to tackle the worsening biodiversity and climate crisis will be set back.

Development must leave nature in a better state. The evidence shows that if allowed to continue unchanged, HS2 will instead wreak havoc on vulnerable wildlife and permanently damage irreplaceable habitats including ancient woodlands, wetlands and meadows.  Ecosystems that have already been restored using public money will also be devastated.

The environmental costs are clearly mounting, so I urge you to now stop and rethink this project.

Please use your power as Prime Minister to ensure the impact on the natural environment is properly assessed and the proposals are fully reviewed. Ongoing works must be halted immediately.

Nature’s recovery is in your hands.

Yours, in hope,

Delegate of Wildlife Trust representatives with the letter asking the Prime Minister to stop and rethink HS2, signed by over 66,000 supporters