The Government announce a net zero target

The Wildlife Trusts welcome the Government’s decision to set a net zero target by 2050, in line with recommendations by the Committee on Climate Change. As the first major economy to do this, it’s a starting point for ending our contribution to climate change, and establishing the UK as a leader in reduction of emissions.

We were also pleased to see the inclusion of young people in helping to shape future environmental policy through the DCMS Youth Steering Group. Today’s generation of young people recognises the environmental crisis we face and we must ensure that they have their voices heard on environmental issues that they care deeply about. We hope that the Youth Steering Group will explore ways of including some of the inspiring young people who are already leading in this area, for example through the innovative Our Bright Future programme, to join this process.

However, we feel the UK Government could be more ambitious. The Government must speed up policy development and increase investment, in order to ensure we can reach net zero by 2045 at the latest.

As well as tackling climate change we believe we also need to invest in nature’s recovery and call upon the government to prepare an ambitious Environment Act. This would commit future governments to increase the diversity and abundance of our wildlife, making it a bigger part of everyone’s daily lives; and to improving the health of our air, soils, rivers, seas, and consequently, people. The Act would build on the foundations of existing wildlife laws. It would be about nature’s recovery and rebuilding society’s connection to the natural world. It will need to ensure that regulation, investment, public spending and practical action work effectively together.

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