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Why does the 'Let Nature Help' report suggest that degraded habitat, if restored, could absorb a third of UK emissions?

The figure is the suggested contribution that restored habitats and ecosystems could make towards achieving the UK’s net zero target. It is a projection based initially on research conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences into the role of natural climate solutions in providing CO2 mitigation, as well as research into the potential carbon savings and sequestration provided by restoring UK habitats. This includes the 21 million tonnes CO2 emissions that could be prevented by halting the erosion of UK peatlands, as well as the prevention of damage to marine sediments and other important carbon stores. While the carbon storing role of ecosystems on land and sea requires further research, the best available evidence suggests important land use changes and interventions to recover nature could greatly enhance the ability of these ecosystems to sequester carbon, hence our suggested figure of a third of CO2 mitigation if all necessary changes and interventions were carried out.

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