Making Everything Possible

Finally, to finish off a great week of stories from supported Trusts, we will hear from Northumberland Wildlife Trust CEO, Mike Pratt, as he says a personal thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery and their generosity.

It is tough in the charity world these days, with the uncertainties of the economy and Brexit just around the corner. In these challenging times we are fortunate to have generous support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery who, along with our members, volunteers and all our supporters and funders, make our work possible. Players’ support over the last 11 years has made a huge difference. It has enabled us to protect rare wildlife like red squirrels and ospreys, inspire people about wildlife through exciting events, and care for amazing wildlife sites such as Northumberlandia and Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre, where people can spend time among the birds, butterflies and wildflowers.

People with health needs often find they benefit from spending time in nature. Steven Morris was bullied at school and has suffered from anxiety and depression most of his life. He has had bouts of depression so intense he sometimes found it impossible to get out of bed. For the last year, Steven has volunteered with Northumberland Wildlife Trust, and has photographed the wildlife on 30 of our reserves. Spending time on our nature reserves makes him feel like a different person - peaceful, more relaxed and less anxious. Steven is a firm believer in the healing power of nature.

So what’s next for the future environment of Northumberland, Tyneside and Newcastle? Northumberland Wildlife Trust is aiming big!

With the promise of a new Environment Act around the corner, we have a unique chance to influence the future, perhaps more so than ever before in the last 70 years. We are working with landowners, communities and MPs to help nature recover and create a better world for people and wildlife.

We want to see wildlife stretching from city to hillside, with people and nature working together as never before. We want to see more red squirrels, otters, ospreys, voles, beavers, eagles and pine martens returning to our landscape; a new wildwood forest connecting England and Scotland; a well-protected and richer marine environment; and, most of all, people everywhere taking action to improve life around us. 

This is a very big vision, but we have already started all of these things. With the help of people like you – our members, volunteers and all our funders and supporters - we can succeed. You make everything possible!

Together we can create an amazing future, for wildlife and for us all.

Mike Pratt, CEO, Northumberland Wildlife Trust