All about bees this 30 Days Wild

During 30 Days Wild, we plan to share with you some of the great blogs we've seen pop up during the challenge from people across the UK. We hope their experiences will help to inspire you to connect with nature in new ways. This blog was written by 10-year-old Lydia Lannen with help from her mum, Vicky. Lydia wanted to write a blog as part of her 30 Days Wild, and this one is all about bees!

Please protect our Superhero Bees

Hello my name is Lydia. I’m 10 and in my final year at primary school in Usk. Usk is a pretty town in South Wales and is known for being the town of flowers. People and bees love this.

It’s bees 🐝 that I’ve chosen to write about. This is something we learn about each year in school and I’ve done lots of PowerPoints and Posters.

We all know about superheroes at the moment: NHS, carers, delivery drivers and teachers. In the insect world bees are the equivalent to our superheroes.

Bees are pollinators. That’s a really important job. Without them, in three years we would not have at least 80% of our crops. This includes fruit and veg, drinks like coffee, and certain types of foods that cows like to eat.

30DW Guest blogger Lydia Lannen

There are over 250 types of bee in the UK. Only one of these is kept for honey. They live in hives. People look after them. All the rest live in places like trees and holes in the ground. So It’s really important we look after all the bees that there are too.

We can do this by making bee and bug hotels, planting flowers and blossom trees, leaving land alone. And not cutting down verges.

So please bee-have!


Lydia Lannen is 10 years old and from Usk, South Wales. She is very passionate about nature!