Wild words for wild places - #26Habitats week two

Wild words for wild places - #26Habitats week two

All this month, 26 Writers are rhapsodising about our wonderful wild places, from peat bogs to hedgerows. Here are six more of their powerful poems about nature.
26 Habitats - blanket bog

Blanket bog © Lydia Thornley

For Peat’s Sake 

Gillian McKee

Gillian basks in the beauty of blanket bogs, an incredible place for wildlife and a powerful ally in the battle against the climate crisis.

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26 Habitats - freshwater

Freshwater river © Lydia Thornley

Green Hollow River Dreaming

Lucy Cash

Lucy's words beautifully flow and meander like the river they celebrate, exploring water's journey from sky to sea. 

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26 Habitats - heathland

Heathland © Lydia Thornley

Great Southern Wild

Alex Fenton

Alex's poem roams the wild heathlands of Dartmoor, where a rich tapestry of hidden life comes under threat from a fire.

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26 Habitats - freshwater 2

Freshwater © Lydia Thornley


Erica Reid

Erica explores our relationship with rivers, accompanied by swooping swifts and memories of salmon.

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26 Habitats - heathland 2

Heathland © Lydia Thornley

Heathland Dreamer

Philip Parker

After celebrating the sand lizard in a 26 Wild poem, Philip's attention now turns to this rare reptile's realm, the heathland. 

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26 Habitats - raised bog

Raised bog © Lydia Thornley

The Silent Bog

Michelle Nicol

Michelle delves beneath the surface of a raised bog, exploring both its carbon-capturing soils and the forces that shaped it.

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A colour drawing of Holme fen, with reeds waving in the wind in the foreground, set against a pale blue sky

Fenland © Lydia Thornley

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Wonderful waterways

Our rain-soaked lands are rich in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, canals and ditches, the life-forces behind the wildlife we love.

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Heroic heathlands

These wild, open landscapes are home to a wealth of wildlife and play an important role in capturing carbon.

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