Big Wild Walk 2021 - FAQs

Big Wild Walk FAQs

What is the Big Wild Walk?

The Big Wild Walk is The Wildlife Trusts' annual fundraising challenge where we ask nature-lovers to set themselves a walking target and raise money for our vital work. 

Where does the Big Wild Walk take place?

You can do your Big Wild Walk anywhere you like! The Big Wild Walk is a virtual fundraising event, meaning that you are able to complete your challenge wherever you wish.

How do I sign up?

You can create your fundraising page by following this link. If you'd prefer, you can fundraise via JustGiving, Facebook, or by simply using a sponsorship form.

Do I have to pay to take part?

Nope, it's completely free to take on the Big Wild Walk challenge. However, you will only receive a tote bag once you have raised £30.

Do I have to do one of the suggested challenges?

Nope! The suggested challenges surround our 30by30 goal, but you can create your own.

Do I get anything for taking part?

Everyone who raises at least £30 for their Big Wild Walk will receive an exclusive Wilder Future tote bag through the post, as well as a certificate that we’ll email to you after the Big Wild Walk week.

Can I take part with children?

Yes you can - you may want to create your own, species-related challenge to excite children. Think walking 3km in a day, as that’s how far a hedgehog can travel in one night! Of course, always take the appropriate safety precautions when walking long distances or anywhere ‘wild’ with children.

How do I create or join a team?

When you register, you can choose the option to create a team and send invites to other members of your team to join. There's also the option to find an existing team when you register by entering the team name.

Can I contact The Wildlife Trusts if I have questions about the Big Wild Walk?

Yes, you can email us on or give us a ring on 01636 677711.

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