Utopia Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Anemones, sponges and coral  (Credit Ed Smith)Anemones, sponges and coral (Credit Ed Smith)

At Utopia a rocky reef rises from the surrounding seabed to create a beautiful, intricate and diverse communities of corals, sponges and anemones.

Over 15 species of sponge have been recorded here with many more yet to be identified.

In Utopia, rocky reef and boulder outcrops create a habitat for sponges and corals that would otherwise not exist here.

Over 15 species of sponge have been recorded with many more yet to be identified. Corals, such as dead man’s fingers, and white striped anemones are also common within this area. Utopia has been recommended as an MCZ on the grounds that it hosts one of only two regional examples of these fragile sponge, coral and anemone communities.

This site was actually named after the tope shark as it partly makes up an important pupping ground for this UK species.

The surrounding seabed is largely covered in deep deposits of sand and gravel. Utopia is close to an aggregate extraction area, where the sand and gravel is dredged for use in the construction industry.

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