Selsey Bill and the Hounds Recommended MCZ

Status: Potential T3 site

Corkwing wrasse (Credit Polly Whyte / earthinfocus)Corkwing wrasse (Credit Polly Whyte / earthinfocus)

Remarkable and unusual outcrops of limestone and clay are captured within this area.

The Hounds limestone reef lies in relatively shallow water (0-8m) and is covered by a fascinating array of sponges, sea squirts and soft coral.

Situated to the south-east of Selsey Bill is the famous Mixon Hole. Thought to be a segment of an ancient river gorge, this almost vertical 20 metre high clay cliff has numerous ledges and crevices which provide homes for many marine species. Species include short-snouted seahorses, squat lobsters and crabs along with red algae and kelp in the shallower parts. Selsey is a crucial foraging area for three species of tern and seals also regularly use this area for foraging. Bottlenose dolphins have also been recorded here.

To the north-west of Selsey Bill, the Hounds limestone reef is covered by a fascinating array of sponges, sea squirts and soft coral. Covering the cliff are numerous holes made by piddocks, a type of mollusc, similar to mussels. Charismatic tompot blennies and leopard-spotted gobies are frequently seen on cliff ledges, while colourful wrasse are often observed near the top of the cliff face.


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