Offshore Brighton Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Thornback ray (Credit Amy Lewis) Thornback ray (Credit Amy Lewis)

Such diverse gravel communities provide rich hunting grounds, supporting a range of other species, such as rays.

Marine species can colonise here undisturbed by wave action.

Situated south of Brighton and extending out to the median line with France, this large area is situated in deeper offshore waters within the English Channel.

These deeper waters are less affected by natural disturbance than those which are inshore, allowing a wide range of species to colonise the gravel undisturbed. The area is also important for rarer deep-water rocky habitats.

Ross worm ‘reefs’, known as biogenic reefs, are present here. Formed out of consolidated tubes of ross worms, these structures add additional complexity to the seafloor and encourage other marine species to live there.

Other nearby sites:

Offshore Overfalls

Location map:

Offshore Brighton recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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