Kingmere Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Spider crab on Kingmere reef (Credit Chris Williams) Spider crab on Kingmere reef (Credit Chris Williams)

Soft coral, a range of sponges and bryozoans prevail at Kingmere Rocks, 10km south-east of Littlehampton

Potentially high numbers of undulate ray occur in the area as well as the native oyster.

This site has been designated for the rock and chalk habitats found here as well as to protect the black seabream.

This area contains excellent examples of rocky habitats, which support abundant marine life. Nooks and crannies provide shelter and a solid foundation for species to cling to.

Kingmere MCZ is the most important regional location for breeding black bream which build their nests on hard bedrock overlain with thin sands and gravels. Kingmere Rocks, 10km south east of Littlehampton, includes a large area of sandstone and mudstone reef where fan worms protrude from cracks between boulders and edible crabs shelter under overhangs.

Worthing Lumps, 8km south-west of Worthing sea front represents the best exposures of underwater chalk cliffs in Sussex. Red algae dominate the top of the cliff with hydroids, bryozoans, tube worms and sponges covering the vertical face. Molluscs, including blue mussels and piddocks, are present. Tompot blennies and catsharks make use of the shelter as do lobsters and spider crabs. The seabed at the base of the cliff is home to anemones, whelks and topshells which live in the gravel and chalk pebbles.

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Securing the benefits of the Marine Conservation Zone Network: A Case Study of Kingmere recommended Marine Conservation Zone

See below for a case study produced by the University of Plymouth to look at quantifying the benefits of Marine Conservation Zones.


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