Folkestone Pomerania Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Edible crab (Credit Rachel Coppock)Edible crab (Credit Rachel Coppock)

Boulders and overhangs provide shelter for all types of fish, crabs, and lobsters as well as tiny seaslugs and anemones.

Ballan and goldsinny wrasse swim among branching sponges, soft corals.

This site has been designated for habitats including the rock and sand habitats found in the site as well as to protect the sponge communities and honeycomb and ross worm reefs found here.

Around five miles off the coast between Folkestone and Dover, the seabed drops into an area of huge boulder strewn bowls, with exposed greensand forming craggy ridges around the sides. Lobsters and crabs shelter under deep ledges while ballan and goldsinny wrasse swim among branching sponges, soft corals and colonies of sea beard and hornwrack. Delicate orange anemones and feather duster worms are picked out against the small white blankets of sea squirts, while hermit crabs and mini squat lobsters scurry around the boulders.

Out beyond these rugged seabed depressions, there are areas of soft muddy seabed consolidated by sandy tubes constructed by both honeycomb worms and ross worms. These closely related species do not normally live together, but here they create reefs together which provide valuable habitat.

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